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An introduction of CCDOGE

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An introduction of CCDOGE

Dogecoin pioneered the meme tokens and has built an extremely large community worldwide. Dogecoin’s marketcap has exploded in the past few years, which is nearly up to 30 billion. In 2020 summer…

Dogecoin pioneered the meme tokens and has built an extremely large community worldwide. Dogecoin’s marketcap has exploded in the past few years, which is nearly up to 30 billion.

In 2020 summer, DeFi was growing quickly and a lot of protocols began to use liquidity mining to reward community. You can use bitcoin farm on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain,Ssolana and other blockchains. It’s really good news for bitcoin holders.

Meanwhile, dogecoin has large number of community members in the world, but its holders can’t farm until now. When bitcoin holders sleep and earn profit, dogecoin holders just hold. It’s really a low capital efficiency.

Community Dogecoin was trying to solve this problem. It’s the first project which bring dogecoin to DeFi, with the mission of making dogecoin holders earn profit while sleeping.

An Introduction of CCDOGE

Community Dogecoin, also named as CCDOGE, which is an auto-farming, auto-deflation, auto-market-maker token based on BSC network. CCDOGE is 100% powered by its community, members can earn rewards just hold CCDOGE in their wallets. CCDOGE is deflationary as each transaction will burn CCDOGE, 50% of CCDOGE will be burned at last.

CCDOGE will take the first step on BSC (binanace smart chain). This is because BSC gas fee is cheaper and better for large retail investors. Later CCDOGE will gradually develop to other public chains such as ethereum and solana, providing users with a one-stop aggregated mining experience. In the whitepaper, CCDOGE has three key steps: locked mining, SWAP, NFT.

  • Locked mining. Locked mining allows users to hold $CCDOGE for a long period of time to avoid getting off early and increase their investment returns. Holders can lock their CCDOGE tokens at official website to earn rewards, whose return is up to 500%.
  • SWAP. CCDOGE SWAP is a cross-chain aggregated trading protocol based on the AMM mechanism which allows users to exchange various types of crypto assets in a decentralized wallet. Users can use dogecoin, CCDOGE or other meme assets farming at SWAP.
  • NFT. CCDOGE NFT market allows of stake, lending and mining meme NFTs. You can use your NFT to borrow CCDOGE or other assets. It’s the first time that NFT has been used as collateral, so it’s a very important thing for NFT market. CCDOGE also has liquidity mining, which means minting or trading NFT will receive CCDOGE.

The CCDOGE Token

CCDOGE is the first meme token which supports SWAP and NFT farming. The CCDOGE token is community dogecoin’s original governance token. CCDOGE will be used to incentivize community members in liquidity mining, airdrop, stake, DAO and so on.

CCDOGE is a new cryptocurrency which is 100% powered by the community. There is no team distribution, no institutional investors, with CCDOGE fully distributed to the community members.

Farming and Burn

Each transaction will charge 10% fee to incentivize the community, which will be distributed as follows:

  • 2.5% will be rewarded to CCDOGE holders,
  • 2.5% will be automatically burned forever, 50% of total supply will be burned at last,
  • 5% will be added to liquidity pool, which can effectively increase the depth of the pool and reduce volatility.


CCDOGE is a native governance token of the CCDOGE ecosystem, and it is issued on the basis of BEP-20 standard with a total supply of 2100 trillion.

  • 15% presale
  • 30% initial release
  • 5% airdrop
  • 50% community rewards

This is the initial distribution. Due to the auto-deflation mechanisms, CCDOGE will grow less and less, and at last, 50% CCDOGE will be burned and 50% in circulation.


CCDOGE is the world’s first 3A type (auto-gain, auto-deflation, auto-market-maker) token. Compared with dogecoin and Shiba Inu, CCDOGE has a limited total issuance and permanent deflation and it also supports autogain. It’s a typical representation of the third generation meme tokens.

official links

Web: dogecoin.cc

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CCdogecoin

Telegram: https://t.me/ccdogeofficial