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CYBR Update - Web & Team Building

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CYBR Update - Web & Team Building

-On Saturday, October 2nd, 2021, a community call was made to talk about the developments of the project and its vision moving forward. This update article will go over what was discussed during the…

-On Saturday, October 2nd, 2021, a community call was made to talk about the developments of the project and its vision moving forward. This update article will go over what was discussed during the group call providing a summary for all those who were unable to join.


As our first exciting update, we are happy to announce that we have partnered with our fellow community member, known as Teasefy, on discord to help create the website all of us have envisioned for the project. He and his colleague will be recreating the front end of the web, including both design and coding. The goal for this new website is to create a solid foundation upon which we can build, without having the need to make fundamental changes later on. The idea is that a coherent and stylish interface will allow new members to navigate through our website easily, to create a smooth and informative experience. Along with restructuring it to a multi-page web, for better SEO and organization of future developments. In terms of our web progression, from here on out, shall move two steps forward and zero steps back.

Making this big of a change now, at the infancy of the project, has a multitude of benefits. It is easier for a small community to adjust to the change, compared to a large one. Moreover, by doing so, we are setting a high standard of the level of professionalism within everything we do, including design. The current web is not an accurate representation of the project or the community. The website is the first thing a new potential community member and/or investor sees, and we all know the importance of good first impressions. The Website will lean more towards a futuristic design, almost a CyberPunk-ish feel. We are open to any suggestions, so please message us on Discord or on Telegram with your ideas.

Example of Design

Secondly, in terms of the web, as mentioned previously, we will be opting for a multi-page redesign. This means the website will have different sections, compared to our current one-page scroll design, and we would like your input on this as well. Splitting up the web in this way will make navigating and locating information very simple and user-friendly.

Example of divided sections

-Introduction (containing general info, how to buy, roadmap, socials)
-Informative (containing in-depth info such as articles, PDFs, project updates) -CyberArt (containing everything related to CyberArt, developments & NFTs) -Team information (containing info about team members, roles, descriptions)

Web Features

Lastly, in terms of the web, we will be looking to add features that make the website unique, going above and beyond. Features on the website will be done in bundles and in order of importance. We want to be as inclusive as possible, so anyone can recommend a feature and contact us with any idea they have. Features will be split into Tier-1, Tier-2, and Tier-3. Below is a definition with examples.

Tier-1: Feature can be viewed as a is a priority or necessity

Something along the line of translating the website into other languages besides English. We are happy to cooperate with two of our fellow community members who were kind enough to accept the task of translating the website to Spanish and German so far, but we are looking for more individuals to do so with other languages.

Tier-2: Feature that helps the community

An announcement banner that will state important info changes, such as the time of a scheduled community meeting, or when a new article is released. Another Tier-2 feature could be a CYBR calculator, which would be its own section page on our web. Below is an example of the Shiba Inu token calculator provided by one of our fellow community members acting simply as a reference.

Example of Token Calculator

Tier-3: Feature that is just a bonus and can be viewed as something that simply adds to aesthetic

This could be viewed as something very simple such as a cursor design for our website, or something more complex such as a little game you can play on our web that could keep track of scores. To clarify these are bonuses and not necessities, just things that would be neat once the main features are completed.

Team building

In this week’s meeting, a big topic that was touched on was team/community building. As the project develops and the community becomes larger, tasks will become more time-consuming and the efficient organization of these tasks will be crucial if we intend to grow prosperously. This is why we are calling upon you, the community, to help us by taking up certain roles within the project. Each role will have a specific description of what it entails and is expected, and there will be a role for everyone who is willing.

The important thing about selecting a role is that you choose something you enjoy or have a specific skill set in. I would like to mention that each role will consume a different amount of time. Obviously, if you are looking for a higher position or a specific position, it will differ in the amount of time needed. For example, someone who wishes to be a community manager would be required to be more active than someone whose job it is to create a Reddit post for regular posting. Below you will see a rough example of positions we are looking for, a more in-depth model will be released later on, including requirements and expectations from these roles.

Example of Community Roles

If there is not a role for your specific skill set contact us, and it will not be an issue to create a role specifically for you. If there is a role you wish to be added to or are interested in finding out more, let us know on Discord or Telegram and we will surely find a position for you.

Marketing & NFTs

The last two items discussed at yesterday’s team meeting were our thoughts on marketing, and how the development of the NFTs is coming along.

Regarding marketing, we had made it apparent to those who participated that a full marketing campaign will be conducted after progress in the fundamental areas discussed above has been achieved. We have established a communication line between influencers and companies such as Flexe.io, so we can effectively start once development in these areas are conducted.

What we wish to avoid

The issue at hand isn’t about financing the advertising, it’s about getting our money’s worth for advertising and not looking bad when we do see an influx of new members. We are not comfortable with how the product is perceived at this point in time, hence why we are completely re-doing the web. Just as important is our current community. We are not organized to the degree that we would be able to handle an influx of new members properly and look reputable in the process. We plan to take on new team members and add to our arsenal of Cyberians as we go. All in all, we need structure within the community and a solid base product that represents us properly. Then there will be no issue for us to start our perfect storm scenario and advertise as much as we like.

NFT update


The last topic spoken about was our current NFT project. With the first batch being in the process of finishing, we are still taking in community feedback prior to release. It was mentioned in the call that we should follow uniform protocol out of respect to those who have served and wore the uniform, we will be doing so. Thus this information was relayed to the artist today, and a ‘final touch-ups’ meeting has been scheduled for October 7th, to go over all 202 characters for the NFT first release.


To make it clear in terms of the expectations of our first release, we do not know how many will be bought. To clarify, the intention of our first NFT collection, Cybernators-2026 was to see the RUBBE system in action and to work out any observable kinks that may occur. We will learn from this first launch, so that we may improve how we do and handle things in the future. It is worth mentioning that this being our first release, think of it as the first ‘pokemon’ collection in our metaverse. Throughout the Cyber Inus’ project lifetime, there will be more and more NFTs collections launched, let alone Cybernators. This is truly the first installment in a project that intends to be around for years.


P.S. We do intend to provide a future use case for these NFTs beyond them just being a piece of art (;