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MELD — Tingo Partnership

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MELD — Tingo Partnership

MELD is setting its goals as a highly efficient DeFi lending and borrowing protocol. MELDs focus is on operating a non-custodial and capital-efficient protocol that offers highly sophisticated…

? Integration of MELD Protocol into Tingo mobile device

In this partnership MELD and Tingo will work together to mutually integrate the MELD protocol into Tingo mobile devices built and delivered to Tingo customers. This includes the following:


  • Support the development of a MELD application specifically designed and delivered to Tingo devices
    Providing access to OEM technical documentation and test devices
  • Tingo to ensure the MELD mobile app is preloaded on Tingo mobile devices


  • MELD to develop, deliver, manage and support the MELDapp for Tingo devices

?? Integration of Lending Products


  • Tingo to allow MELD to offer DeFi services that conform with the country that they are to be distributed in
    With Nigeria being the first country of implementation
  • Tingo to allow MELD to execute KYC/AML verification on Tingo customers for DeFi lending services.
    Certain functionalities within the MELD Protocol require KYC/AML verification when dealing with fiat currencies


MELD will provide unedited/unmodified MELD protocol lending and borrowing services to Tingo. This includes but is not limited to:

Tingo users will be able to lend their value to earn an interest return per year (generated through lending fees APY) and borrow against their value for further utility if required.

? Roles and Responsibilities

MELD will be responsible for collaborating on the overall architecture, development of the Plutus solution, user experience, and user interface, and application delivery. MELD will contribute a part-time product owner, project manager, and DevOps engineer as well as several full-time mobile app engineers.

MELD will be responsible for evaluating and running infrastructure and providing insight and feedback to the Tingo team. MELD will work at all times transparently and in good faith with Tingo and this will include where the technical teams interface and work together.


The “MELDapp by Tingo” project will be run via technical project managers from MELD and Tingo where bi-monthly standups will be held by project managers and a shared kanban style task model will be employed. Status reports will be distributed to all partners on a monthly basis.

It’s super exciting partnering with an African-based telecommunications company that shares so many of our core views and values. It’s only a matter of time until Nigerian-based farmers, and other Tingo Mobile users, are utilizing MELD services to manage their value in a more efficient, non-custodial way. It’s time to bring the value back to the consumer… And yes, that means those with less than $100 USD!

Looking forward to a bright future! ☀️ ?

MELD — Enjoy today, Secure tomorrow

We think it’s essential for everyone to gain control of their financial lives and have equal access to financial instruments used by professionals, not just centralized institutions, governments, or the 1%. We want to provide financial freedom and control to the masses, including the unbanked.

We have a long-term goal to enable the $15 trillion that is currently locked out of the global economy, including 2 billion individuals worldwide that are either underbanked or have no access to banking services whatsoever, to access these tools. These are the people that are paying the highest fees, getting the worst customer service, and they are the ones that are having the most problems.

Our vision is to create an ecosystem that empowers individuals to regain financial control by providing them with the tools and services they need to manage their money on their terms. Whether that be creating a collateralized debt position (CDP) with cryptocurrency, earning an interest return for lending fiat to borrowers, or even participating in reward incentive programs, we strive to provide our users with the functions they need to manage their own financial lives.

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