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Rarity in Fort Gotten — Metadata, Lore & Community

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Rarity in Fort Gotten — Metadata, Lore & Community

Hello once again! We know rarity and the rarity charts are big for NFT projects, and we have not yet shared any details regarding rarities for Fort Gotten. Before we do that, we wanted to share some…

“We built what we could, with what we had.”

Hello once again! We know rarity and the rarity charts are big for NFT projects, and we have not yet shared any details regarding rarities for Fort Gotten. Before we do that, we wanted to share some details and our perspective regarding rarity for the Forgotten Kidz.

As always, all of this is a work in progress, so most things are subject to change, but here is the first look at our vision for rarity.

One of the things we really desire for this project is for a rarity to be much more than just a bunch of numbers and percentages. While that is how it usually goes, in this project, just as everything else, we want to make all we can to be lore and interaction-driven.

In that note, rarity would be something that is always evolving, because both lore and interactions will be in constant progress. Naturally, rare and uncommon assets will probably have a special role in the lore and unique stories behind them, but as we are planning to make a collaborative interaction-driven universe, we believe every kid has the potential to be special, and to build something unique around them.

A group of Fort Gotten Kidz

Lore, Community & Rarity

Something we have been trying to do with every detail is to make it as lore-infused as we can. While it would be impossible to give every single asset an in-depth background, there will be numerous assets that might have backstories, and these backstories could lead to unique mechanics around that. Most likely, rare assets will have a higher chance of being featured in this, but that will not always be the case.

As we also want to develop the Forgotten Universe beyond the specific Kidz Drops, creating complementary art, comics, audio pieces, short stories, and much more, many details of the assets or assets themselves will be probably coming around in these complementary pieces.

For example, maybe the skull masks are rarer than the fox masks, but what if we decide to make a comic around the fox masks? Would that make the fox masks rarer, more unique?

The thing is, we do not want to only make lore based on rarity, we want to give every kid a chance to be unique, and to be special.

What if a random group of clerics get a special audio piece or a short story about how they found a scarred kid and helped him?

As hopefully most of you know, we are not looking to just sell a bunch of tokens, we’re here to create a unique and interactive experience through the Forgotten Kidz. For that, we have envisioned a community that co-creates not only the world but the stories that happen within this world with us. Many of these interactions and stories that come to be will result in new unique tokens being created, maybe the clerics brewed a potion for a kid, maybe the scouts found a cryptic map that needs to be resolved, maybe a forager found and ate a weird mushroom.

Some of these ideas we are already working on, some are still being developed, and some will also be created in collaboration with the community. Maybe there will be special channels where only a certain group of kids will be able to enter, where interactions happen that help to further develop the world.

Those are all things we are exploring, and hopefully, will make some of the kids more unique, and rarer, not only through raw metadata, but through lore, and stories, and interactions that lead to the stories that will be written.

On Metadata

The Masks of the Forest

As you guys saw, in this first drop, the quantity of the kids and the number of assets made almost every kid have really uncommon items (where most clothing pieces never showed up more than 3 times, for example). As more kidz are minted in the first episode, rarity based on the random generation will be better seen.

Metadata is cool, and organic rarity based on the algorithmic-generator creates some interesting scenarios, but our ideas are to turn these scenarios into something related to how the Fort Gotten Universe works.

We have the data based on the generator, we are sharing that here so you can check how rare the items you got are, but the point is, every kid is an opportunity to belong to this community and to build the universe with us, to participate in what will be a collaborative storytelling experience, where there is potential to make your kid even more special than what they already are.

Of course, we would love it if further buying/selling is not motivated by raw percentages, but by how the art and the story connect with you, but obviously, we cannot, and will not underplay the role of metadata and rarity.

On that note, here are the details of every asset generated for this first 200 Kidz, feel free to look around, and brag around what you got: bit.ly/FGTN-ep0-metadata-report

Closing Thoughts

We just wanted to share our perspective on Metadata and Rarity, don’t fret up because your mask is common, or because your kid looks “plain”, or because you didn’t get a unique skin… maybe someday, that can come into play, or maybe you can change up your kid along the way, through interactions that will happen in Discord.

Thank you for reading.
The Fort Gotten Team,
Carlos, Sam, Rob.