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The First Contributor Support Program Of Dinosaur Community

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The First Contributor Support Program Of Dinosaur Community

DSG — — The core governance token of the project, has no reserved team shares, no private sell, and no pre-mining. It is completely distributed to the community in the form of fair mining. Therefore…

Community-driven Community, Dinosaur Eggs Initiates A Contributor Support Program

Dinosaur eggs is a project which from the community and governed by the community.

DSG — — The core governance token of the project, has no reserved team shares, no private sell, and no pre-mining. It is completely distributed to the community in the form of fair mining. Therefore, people who holds DSG is the owner of the project, and how the holder of DSG token act will directly affect the future development of the project.

Although Dinosaur Eggs has just been launched one day, the Swap of the Dinosaur Eggs Community has a TVL of nearly 200 million USD ,and the 24-hour trading volume has reached 160 million USD. DSwap is only the first experimental product in Dinosaur Eggs based on community,there will be more new areas waiting to be launched in the future, and it is up to you to explore.

As a purely community-driven project, we believe that our community members should not only be the users of the project, but can also become contributors, people who contribut to the project will receive extra generous rewards from the Dinosaurs Eggs.

These rewards will come from the project operation fund. According to the project’s token economy, 8 DSGs will be added to the project operation fund in each block. These funds will be used to support the growth of the dinosaur community and allow the community to achieve long-term development, The Contributor Support Program will be the first sponsored program.

The first phase of the Dinosaur Community Contributor Support Program will consist of 3+1 areas, which are: security, artists and community ambassadors. Each area will also include different support program, and the details will be gradually introduced in the future.

1. Security field

a.Bug bounty plan

Dinosaurs need a safe area to live and grow. We will cooperate with professional security communities to launch a bug bounty on Dinosaur Eggs to encourage security experts to discover and fix vulnerabilities, and jointly maintain the safety of the community.

b. Beta version bounty activities

Before the follow-up new features are launched or new areas are opened, we will invite community users and senior players of the project to participate in the Beta version activities of the testnet. They can not only experience the new mechanism of the product in advance, and they will receive an additional internal beta bounty if they find and submit a problem, or make a proposal to be adopted.

c. Audit

Before the release of follow-up products, we will also invite more security companies to participate in project audits to ensure the safety and robustness of the protocol.

2. Artist

Dinosaur artists will play an important role in the subsequent NFT and social fields, and we are looking for partners in this field. In the near future, we will launch an art design competition with the theme of NFT creation. The details will be disclosed later. It is said that many dinosaur artists are already eager to try!

3. Community Ambassador

Community ambassadors are the initiators, promoters and operators of dinosaur communities in different regions. Their work includes:

Growth: To expand the influence of the community and increase the number of real users of dinosaur community products

Service: To solve the problems of dinosaur friends in the community, and answer the questions

Propaganda: Running to deliver news of the dinosaur community

We will gradually develop applications for ambassadors in different languages/regions. The first batch of languages/regions open for application include:

English: 3

Southeast Asia\English (essential) + other local languages: 2

Chinese: 2

If you are interested in applying, please submit your information through this Email:[email protected] information should include community operation experience, skills, etc. (in English or Chinese).

4. Other contributors

In addition to the contributors in the above 3 areas, if you have other contributions to building the community, including but not limited to:

Write articles or , produce high-quality contents about Dinosaur Eggs

Developed a practical tool based on Dinosaur Eggs, which was well received by community users

Participate in project code development as an external developer

You can also submit your application through our official email [email protected], and we will reward outstanding contributors. Please indicate your contribution in your application. If you have applied for a content contribution, please attach a link to the published content.

Dinosaur Egg is still a baby community, and it will be up to you and me to decide how big it will become in the future.

Contact us: [email protected]

Roar, dinosaurs!