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What The F**k Are Volume Wars?

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What The F**k Are Volume Wars?

The task for us was simple, create something that would bring the thousands of DeFi tokens together all working in unison, while boosting volume and price action for each project. DeFi tokens are…


We all know that the market has been over-taken by a stampeding surge in deflationary activity; because of this, there are many development teams and their accompanying communities (who share limited resources) searching for new ways to light a spark in investor interest and maintain long-term relationships.

Pig Farmer finally has a solution! Volume Wars: a game to unify DeFi!

Volume Wars is a competitive gamification model designed to boost the tokenomics of DeFi projects struggling with engagement and momentum; through engagement, and momentum! Volume Wars is design built as a scalable solution compatible for all DeFi projects which will integrate any DeFi project with tokenomics to be compatible with this game as well. This offers a service-as-use-case for any project that requires volume to actuate their tokenomics.

Imagine inviting your favorite projects to compete on the battlefield using volume, where all of these competitions would benefit on-chain holders for every project. Win/win.

By simply participating in Volume Wars, users will be awarded booster packs which contain one of several common and rare NFTs. Complete a set of seven, four common NFTs with three rare NFTs, and you can mint yourself a LEGENDARY NFT which pays you $BNB tokens at the end of every season (approximately once per week).

Problems for DeFi:

  • Many DeFi projects have tokenomics that use volume to actuate a token burn or token reflection.
  • Many of these projects have no method or means to drive volume.
  • Add on solutions such as third party staking platforms have no positive effects for the project.
  • Projects compete against one another to take users away from competitors as a means to add holders to their token.
  • Holders are left hopeless as the utility is abandoned and the project fails.


  • Build a safe and fun game to harness the power of the competitive nature between projects and use it to reward holders and participants.
  • Use volume from any project with tokenomics as a mechanism to drive a gamification model that rewards participants with NFTs.
  • NFTs are used for additional features within the eco-system and can be traded on a 3rd party platform such as TreasureLand
  • Allow users the opportunity to represent their favorite project to flex their dedication to the team while rewarding them with experience points and team win indicators.

Key Features For Project Developers:

  • We offer an instant use case as service with our audited smart contracts at no extra cost to project developers.
  • Net positive price action. One of the requirements to participate in Volume Wars is that they must first buy the tokens of their project of choice to add directly into the Volume Wars smart contract. Adding the tokens directly from the players existing balance is disabled.
  • The Volume War is a mutual benefit for any project and all participants in comparison to other incentive platforms such as staking pools which charge a fee to the developer and push the staking reward tokens into the hands of sellers.
  • Players only attack by swapping the token from your project for BNB and back thus producing volume ‘damage points’ to attack other teams. This volume acts to increase your projects tokenomics as volume benefits any DeFi tokenomic structure.
  • Players receive unique collectible NFTs, experience points, and team wins. The experience and team wins will have further use cases developed later.
  • Players can trade their collected NFTs on NFT trading platforms such as TreasureLand or choose to upgrade the NFTs collected into a dividend paying asset which pays out in BNB tokens for the perpetuity of the game.
  • Fair gameplay which encourages communities from different projects to team-up and work together for a competitive and fun gameplay experience.
  • First of its kind unifying concept and gamification model for all of DeFi on BSC.

Game Procedures — User Experience

  1. Choose a team/project
  2. Commit the tokens from your project to your war chest.
  3. Use only the tax from your war chest to damage other teams.
  4. Receive booster packs which contain unique collectable rare and common NFTs.
  5. Unwrap your booster packs and retrieve your NFTs.
  6. Forge the common and rare NFTs into a legendary NFT to collect your rewards.

Safety Protocols

  • All smart contracts have completed a thorough audit conducted by Solidity.Finance
  • Projects selected for entry will receive access to the multi sig wallet that controls the Volume Wars contracts thus eliminating any centralized risk.
  • Additional developers allowed access to multi sig wallet will build credibility of the game as a whole, thus eliminating any counter-party risk.
  • No extra funding is required by your development team, the game itself is self-sustaining and fully functional.
  • Industry standard randomness generator (VRF) in partner with Chainlink eliminates any chance of the block being front run or exploited by malicious actors

Early Adopters Incentive

  • First users will receive an increased chance at obtaining a legendary NFT which pays out BNB tokens for the perpetuity of Volume Wars game
  • Free entry for token developers to become a featured project on Volume Wars to start. After the project gains popularity there will be a fee upon entry that is paid to all project developers.
  • First participants will have the earliest opportunity earn more BNB captured from the game.

NFT Sets

Common NFT
  • Volume Wars rewards participants with NFT Booster Packs. Upon claiming the booster packs the smart contract calls Chainlink’s randomness oracle which assigns a random integer as an identifier with the call. This random integer determines the players chances at receiving a rare NFT.
  • After claiming the booster packs, users must unwrap the booster packs to mint their NFTs.
  • NFTs range from common to rare. There are 4 common cards and 3 rare cards to complete the set.
  • Players can play Volume Wars and attempt to collect the set themselves or they can buy the missing NFTs to complete their set from a 3rd party marketplace.
  • Once a complete set is made the user can then choose to forge his/her set into a Legendary NFT.

Benefits of Holding a Legendary NFT

  • Users can collect BNB rewards by holding a Legendary NFT.
  • BNB rewards are collected from admission fees from users who play the game. One admission fee is collected per user per season which is then paid out to Legendary NFT holders.
  • Users can collect their rewards using the claim button on the dashboard after each season has concluded.
  • Users can buy and sell their legendary NFT on 3rd party NFT marketplaces.

Fairest Gameplay Model & Strategy

Team with the LEAST amount of damage points inflicted on their team wins. This promotes healthy competition and here’s why:

  • Scenario one: a BIG player project wants to dominate Volume Wars. They enter the game and their holder count is massive and start wrecking every other team. Now the other teams must combine attacks against the BIG player to stand a chance. This involves a coordinated effort between the ‘weaker’ projects to take down the BIG player.
  • Scenario two: This time two BIG players enter Volume Wars and decide they want to work together to destroy all of the other teams. A strategy formed where everyone teams up but the two BIG players and coordinated attacks on those BIG players. The weaker teams then hold off on their attacks to fool the BIG players into thinking that the weaker projects won’t even put up a fight. Eventually thinking they are much too far in the lead, the BIG projects start attacking each other. It is at the last minute the weak teams unleash fury and catch the BIG players off guard to tip the scales back in their direction.